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Poster: cathyftr Date: Jan 21, 2010 7:25pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Speaking of Old TV Music and/or Kresge's...

Too bad my aunt Dot isn't around to had enjoyed this as she was for many years a manager of our local Kresges and later K-Mart. I believe our Kresge's was airing music like this back in the 70s that is until around 1980 when they just started airing one of our local radio stations WWOO-FM "Music 105" our first FM top 40 station and even after they switched to country music a few years later, Kresges still aired them though when Kresges became McCroys..the music stopped and the sounds of the movie theatre next door came sneaking into the store. Needless to say that became interesting when the theatre would show "R" and sometimes "X" movies as one could here the sounds of that movie in that store. The movie theatre closed in 1986 ( last film was Prince's Purple Rain ) and that McCroys/Kresges closed I believe around 2001 and sadly both are still there in that shopping center EMPTY as well s the big former Wards store too.

My aunt would often talk about Kresges and how great it was to work for them. K-Mart not as much. My aunt died from cancer in 2003 and even though she had retired from K-Mart/Kresges after some 35 years of service, they didn't even send a card expressing their condolences. Sad !!!

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Poster: Meatpies Date: Jan 22, 2010 8:55am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Speaking of Old TV Music and/or Kresge's...

In the midwest, we also had another chain of store called "Newberry's". They got changed over to McCrory's, which makes me wonder if McCroy's and McCrory's are the same. My mother loved Newberry's because she could get her sewing notions there. She was a great seamstress, and if it wasn't for her, my sister and I wouldn't have ANY clothes through the family lean years.